Should you judge a person on their intentions, or their actions?

I think you should judge a person on both counting on a situation. If a person means to do something good, but they do something and they know its bad, then you sould judge them on their actions.

Heres an example:

Theres a gang in your neighborhood, and they live in a certain house. At night they come out and shoot people, and egg peoples houses and reck their cars. So your father decides to bomb their house and kill them all.

His intentions were to get rid of the gang but, he commited a murder.

Now if a persons intentions are good, but they do something bad, but they really dont know its bad


For Example: When your friend says she had a mustache  and you say its not that dark and noticable. Your intentions were good and you didnt know it was bad, but you just told your friend she had a mustache.

Trail of Tears.

Told from a younge woman point of veiw.

I was cold. I believe it was the year 1838, but I didn’t care anymore. The last thing I remember, from that night were my people, gathering small portions of their items and leaving. We were all leaving. I didn’t know why. The only thing I know about it was the small parts of the story I had put together by listening to peoples conversations. All I knew is that some U.S troops had come to take us, or make us leave. Something about gold made them do it.

Now I was walking, in the cold. Mama was crying it was the hardest thing seeing her cry, knowing that she never cries unless the situation is horrible.

Finally after she stops crying, I gather enough courage to ask her why we have to leave our home. All she explains to me is “A president named Andrew Jackson wants the gold that’s on our land, so he had the troops go and make us leave and even take some of us.” I process what has been said in my head.

When I look up I see a man. An old man and I think of how hard it must be, walking through the cold with his age. I couldn’t help but think this is bad for me; this is bad for all of us.  I wished as I walked through the cold trail that this never happened. That there was no gold on our land and that the troops would go away and we could go home. Deep inside I knew it was just a dream that would never come true.


I was reading an article about a school. This school pays for their newspapers and didnt get them that morning because the publisher decided it was to inapropriate for the kids at school. I think that the publisher was wrong. The newspaper is delivered to elementary, middle, and high school’s. I think he should have sent an email or a letter with the papers explaining the content of what was in the paper. The picture may have been inpropriate for elementary kids, but not for middle and high school kids. He is not the principle of the school and he cant decide what is apropriate and what isn’t for the kids.


I think whether you judge a person on their actions or their intentions depends on the situation. Some people have good intentions, but their actions turn out to be bad. Some people have bad intentions, but their actions turn out to be good. Some people just act without thinking. And some people have an intention, but don’t go through with their actions.

In this situation, I would have to judge the publisher by his actions, because he should have stayed out of it becuase it wasn’t his choice. He  isnt in charge of the school.

After Life

I was reading this book called deadville about this boy named ryan and his sister molly dies and then his friend falls off a horse and is put into a coma. Well one day when he is visiting his sister, he see’s this little boy named Thad, and he starts visiting this boy very often. Thad tells Ryan about this place called Deadville, its where people go if they are waiting to die. So this got me thinking where do we go after we die? Do we go to heaven, or do we stay here and roam the earth unseen by people who are alive? I guess we all want to belive that there is a heaven, but no one really knows for sure. And there are shows on T.V about haunted houses and people, they are being haunted by spirits who were previously people so i guess, either there isnt a heaven or if there is, some people dont make it in.

Los Angeles water cops hunt wasteful faucets and sprinklers.

People who like to keep their lawns green and lush, have found a new pest, water cops. Gardners have learned to spot the White Toyota’s Priuses, driven by Los Angelas Water Cops, who fine homeowners up to 100$ which immediatly appears on the water bill, for waste of water thats left California in extended drought. 15 officers now prowl the neighborhoods of California looking for those who use sprinklers between 9 a.m and 4 p.m. This threat of water shortage is extemley serious, in this sprawling city, that gets its water from the colorado river, and other sources.

True Friends?

Well, there isnt alot of true friendships anymore. And alot of people these days are backstabing each other. Everyone is always talking about each other, and they have nothing positive to say. Everyones always in a fight and trying to make people take sides.  i think we should al stop trying to make drama, and be friends, becuase this can ruin peoples life, and get in the way of students studies.